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In the realm of motosport security, the annual Silverstone F1 event stands as a pinnacle of excellence, drawing enthusiasts from around the globe to witness the adrenalin-fueled races and experience the rich heritage of this iconic circuit.

It was a profound priviledge to collaborate with CN Security, a trusted partner dedicated to ensuring the safety and security of all participants and spectators for the second consecutive year.

The gravity of our role at Silverstone F1 cannot be understated. With millions of eyes on the track and the stakes higher than ever, the need for robust security measures is paramount. Formula 1 races are not just about speed and skill; they are convergence of technology, strategy, and safety protocols designed to protect both the drivers pushing the limits and the fans reveling in the excitement.

Silverstone, with its storied history and reputation as one of the oldest and most prestigious circuits in Formula 1, provides a fitting backdrop for this high-stakes event. The track's legacy adds extra layer of significance to our mission of safeguarding the public, ensuring that every moment spent at Silverstone F1 is not only memorable but also secure.

Working closely with CN Security, we have witnessed firsthand the meticulous planning and dedication required to uphold the highest standards of safety at such a grand event. From comprehensive security protocols to seamless coordination, every detail is carefully ochestrated to create a safe environment for all involved.

As the engines roared and the cheers echoed through the stands, our team stood vigilant, proud to contribute to the seamless execution of this world-class event. Together with CN Security, we remain steadfast in our commitment to safeguarding excellence at Silverstone F1, where speed meets safety, and the spirit of competition thrives.

We are working with Counter Terrorism Policing to help keep everyone safe this summer. We are supporting their summer campaign, encouraging the public to stay alert and report anything that doesn’t feel right to security.  

We all have a role to play in keeping each other safe. Your safety is our priority and that’s why we have thoroughly trained and licensed security guards, prompt response to any security concerns, coordination with local law enforcement for swift and effective responses.


You can play your part by trusting your instincts, and if you see something that doesn’t feel right, tell security. Our teams will take every report seriously. You won’t be wasting their time.  

Here are some quick tips to help you have a safe and enjoyable time:

  • Arrive early, allowing more time for security checks and measures

  • Be patient with security checks. It might seem inconvenient, but they are in place to help you.

  • Keep it simple and minimise what you carry. Fewer bags to search will speed up entry.

  • Stay alert and look out for each other. If you see something that doesn’t feel right, tell security. Don’t leave it to someone else.

  • Don’t leave bags unattended. Never agree to look after a stranger’s bag, no matter how genuine they seem.

  • If there is an incident, listen to staff and any announcements.

In an emergency, always call 999.

Have an amazing time, and if you see something that doesn’t feel right, report it to security straight away. Thank you for playing your part.

Reflecting on an incredible 2.5-year journey in business, our organisation has achieved the Bronze Award from the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme.

In today's competitive job market, organisations and employers are increasingly recognising the importance of supporting and honouring military personnel and veterans. The Defence Employer Scheme and Army Force Covenant are two initiatives that highlight the commitment of our organisation towards creating a military-friendly environment.

The Defence Employer recognition Scheme (ERS) aims to promote employer engagement with the defence sector and inspire others to follow suit while aligning their values with the Armed Forces Covenant.

The Armed Forces Covenant represents a mutual commitment to acknowledge and appreciate that those who's serve or have served in the armed forces, along with their families, deserve fair and respectful treatment within our communities, economy, and society, considering the sacrifices they make with their lives.

The covenant is guided by two principles:

  1. Ensuring that those who serve in the armed forces, both regular and reserve, as weak as those who have served in the past, and their families, are not at a disadvantage compared to other citizen when it come to accessing public and commercial services.

  2. Recognising the need for special consideration in certain cases, particularly for those who have made sacrifices, such as the injured and the bereaved.

WL Risk Management Security has been dedicated to offering security employment services while consistently upholding the core values and principles of the AFC (Armed Forces Covenant).

We are pleased to announce recognition of Tevita Seru for his exceptional dedication and unwavering ethical principles demonstrated in his work.

Even after leaving the army, Tevita continues to be a driving force, bringing principles to help us succeed as a business, while providing support to his fellow veterans. He understands and support potential leaders, and has been with us from the very start. Despite facing a recent stroke, his determination to support us hasn't wavered. His journey is a true inspiration or resilience and the indomitable human spirit.

The Bronze Award is a symbol of our commitment to supporting the armed forces community. By signing the armed forces covenant and actively promoting an armed forces-friendly environment, we create opportunities for servants, armed forces veterans, cadet instructors, and military spouses. Let us recognise and celebrate going the extra mile to those who have served our country.

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